We The Change

Women Leading Business for Good

We are empowered women* creating a radically inclusive and richly regenerative global economy.

As women leaders of certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven enterprises, we believe in business as a force for good to generate abundance and prosperity for all. We are building a world where business is in harmony with nature and all life thrives.

We commit to economic, racial, environmental, and social justice and a world where women are equally represented in positions of power and influence. We welcome all allies.

We honor and protect the Earth for future generations.


  • Advance women’s leadership, prosperity and well-being
  • Promote sustainable business practices and innovations
  • Increase the flow of capital to women-led enterprises
  • Advocate for systemic changes to uplift marginalized identities
  • Align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals



Join Us

Women leaders of certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven organizations are invited to sign onto WeTheChange. Please sign here and spread the word!

We invite anyone who supports our mission to join our movement by signing as an ally.

Please consider making a donation to support We the Change. We The Change has partnered with Give Lively to securely process your online donation.

Founding Signatories

4D Content English
Mercedes Viola, CEO

5T Sports Group
Aileen McManamon, Founder & Managing Partner

A to Z Wineworks
Amy Prosenjak, President & CEO

African Bronze Honey Company
Liz Connell, President & Co-Founder

Agents of Change Partners Inc.
Tracey Wood, Co-Founder & CEO

Alante Capital
Leslie Harwell, Managing Partner

All Good
Caroline Duell, Founder & CEO

Apiary Studio
Emily KenCairn, Owner, Founder

At The Epicenter
Seleyn DeYarus, Founder

Rebecca Darr, Founder

Magali Mathieu, Co-Founder & Chief Partnership Builder

Nancy Green, President & CEO

Anna Hutson, Founder & CEO

B Lab
Kim Coupounaas, Global Ambassador
Anthea Kelsick, Chief Marketing Officer
Stephanie Ryan, Strategy

B Storytelling
Julie Fahnestock, Founder & Creative Director

Barba Digital
Mary Barba, Founder & CEO

Bark Media
Jessica Kellner, Co-Founder

Stephanie Reuss, Co-Founder

Beneficial State Bank
Kat Taylor, CEO

Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School
Myani Lawson, Executive Director

Bhakti, Inc
Sarah Bird, CEO

Biomimicry 3.8
Nicole Miller, CEO

Black Fox Philanthropy
Natalie Rekstad, Founder & CEO

Blazin Babes
Renata Merini, Founder & CEO

Julie Mak, President & CEO

Blue Ocean Office Supplies
Stephanie Birt, CEO & Owner

Bodhi Surf + Yoga
Adrianne Chandra-Huff, Co-founder

Erin Childs, President

Brains on Fire, Inc.
Brandy Amidon, Co-President + CFO

Broughton Consulting, LLC
Anne-Claire Broughton, Principal

Caldera + Lab
Stacy Keibler, Co-Founder

Care About You, LLC
Angela McKnight, CEO

CauseLabs, PBC
Sheryle Gillihan, CEO

Cascade Engineering
Christina Keller, President & CEO

Change Catalyst
Melinda Epler, Founder & CEO

Chloe Capital
Elisa Miller-Out, Managing Partner

Clear Blue Commercial, Inc.
Carolyn Pistone, President & Managing Director

Cleaver Co
Mary Cleaver, Founder & CEO

Colibri Digital Marketing
Anna Colibri, CEO

Conscious Company Media
Meghan French Dunbar, Co-founder & CEO

Connective Impact
Joanne Sonenshine, Founder & CEO

Cropsticks by Cropmade
Mylen Yamamoto, CEO

Cultivating Capital
Carolina Miranda, Founder & CEO

Dan the Man Cooking
Ilana Cooper, Managing Director

Lorna Davis, Senior Advisor

Mandy Cabot, Board Chair & Founder
Kitty Bolinger, Executive Vice President, Sales

de la Olla
Andrea Jatar, Founder & Executive Director

Dhana Inc.
Shamini Dhana Founder & CEO

do good well consulting
Kristin Joys, Founder & CEO

Do Nation
Hermione Taylor, Co-Founder

Laura Giadorou Koch, CEO

Dress It Up Dressing
Sophia Maroon, Founder

Dunlap Law PLC
Tricia Dunlap, Founding Partner

Eat Well Global
Erin Kappelhof, Managing Partner

Graziella Jackson, Partner & CEO

Eco-Bags Products Inc.
Sharon Rowe, CEO & Founder

Liz Rubin, CEO & Founder

Eileen Fisher, Founder & CEO

Ellevate Network
Kristy Wallace, CEO

Environmental & Public Health Consulting
Ann Blake Founder & Principle

Lynn Carpenter, Partner & Co-Founder

Ethical Profit Agency
Samantha Richardson, Founder & CEO

Evolution Marketing, LLC
Lisa Geason-Bauer, President

Sarah White, COO & Co-Founder

Full Circle Brands
Heather Kauffman, Co-Founder & CIO

Future State
Shannon Adkins, CEO

Victoria Foster, Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst

Gaia Herbs
Angela McElwee, President & CEO

Geek Girl Tech
Jenn Diesi, CEO & Founder

Gender Fair
Kristi Faulkner, CMO & Co-founder

Amy Kauffman, Founder & CEO

Giving Assistant
Katie Horgan, CoFounder, VP Operations
Raquel Romero, People & Business Operations Manager
Leah Tichansky, Account Manager

Tracy Puhl, President

Global Gaming Initiative +Jukko
Elizabeth Sarquis, CEO

Lisa Hyman, Co-Founder

Grady Britton
Paige Campbell, President & Partner

Green City Growers, LLC
Jessie Banhazl, CEO & Founder

Green Living Enterprises
Laurie Simmonds, President & CEO

Green Mountain Power Corporation
Mary Powell, President & CEO
Kristin Carlson, VP - Strategic & External Affairs

Green Retirement, Inc.
Rose Penelope Yee, CEO

Greenprint Partners
Nicole Chavas, CEO & Co-Founder

Guild Education
Brittany Stich, Co-Founder

Heather Paulsen Consulting
Heather Paulsen, Founder & CEO

Michelle Hirons, Founder & CEO

Ennie Lim, CEO

Indra Gardiner Bowers, CEO & Co-Founder

Imajine That
Susan Leger Ferraro, CEO

Impact Hub Amsterdam
Tatiana Glad, Co-founder & Director

Impact Hub Oakland and Jubilee Partners
Konda Mason, Co-Founder & Founding CEO

Kirsten Ludwig, Founder

Inspired Adventures
Justine Curtis, Founder-CEO

Inspiring Capital
Nell Derick Debevoise, CEO, Founder

Jenny Kassan Consulting
Jenny Kassan, Owner

Juli-Anne's Tropical Kitchen
Juli-Anne Royes Russo, Founder

King Arthur Flour
Suzanne McDowell, Co-CEO/CHRO
Karen Colberg, Co-CEO/Chief Brand Officer

Miriam Altman, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Kosmenko & Co.
Kimberly Kosmenko, Founder & Managing Director

Céline Juppeau, Founder & CEO

Law Office of Lara Pearson Ltd, PBC d/b/a/ Brand Geek
Lara Pearson, President & Chief Pontificator

Legacy Vacation Resorts, Salt Palm Development
Kristi Meyers, Co-Owner

Emily Lonigro, CEO & Founder

Living Alive
Elle Adams, Co-founder

Local First
Elissa Sangalli Hillary, President

Lotus Foods
Caryl Levine, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Love Bottle
Minna Yoo, CEO

Suzanne Siemens, CEO

Mangrove Web Development
Maiya Holliday, CEO

Meaningful Organizational Design, Inc.
Elizabeth Topp, Co-Founder & CEO

Caitlin Kealey, CEO

Melanin Essentials
Olayinka Credle, Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Saba Williams, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Meliora Cleaning Products
Kate Jakubas, Founder

Metis Consulting Group
Aimee Koval, President

Morgan Berman, CEO

Mission Partners
Carrie Fox, Founder & CEO

Leslie Silverglide, Co-Founder & CEO

Morris Recruiting & Consulting
Etienne Morris, President

Myrtle & Flossie
Nia Reid-Allen, Owner & Creator

Narrative Food
Jennifer Piette, CEO & Founder

María José Calvimontes, Co-Founder & Director of Communications

NEEV, Inc.
Ruksana Azhu Valappil, CEO & Founder

Nia Impact Capital
Kristin Hull, Founder & CEO

Northwest Permanente, P.C.
Imelda Dacones, CEO and President

One More Thing LLC
Lizy Freudmann, Founder & Managing Principal

One Village Coffee
Andrea Hackman, Co-Founder & President

OneSeventeen Media, PBC
Amy Looper, COO & Co-Founder
Beth Carls, CEO & Co-Founder

Open Eye Creative
Rachel Healy, Co-founder

Opportunity Threads
Molly Hemstreet, Founder & Co-Executive Director

Opticos Design, Inc.
Karen Parolek, Co-Founder & Principal

Ox Verte
Jessie Gould, Founder

Rose Marcario, CEO & President
Hilary Dessouky, General Counsel

Shivani Singh, Founding & Managing Partner
Jessica van Thiel, Founding & Managing Partner

Pet Sustainability Coalition
Caitlyn Dudas, Executive Director

Phil Communications
Kim Fuller, Founder & President

Plaine Products
Lindsey McCoy, CEO & Co-Founder

Portafolio Verde
Juliana Arango, Deputy CEO

Prosper for Purpose
Lorraine Schuchart, Founder & CEO

Purse for the People
Carole Murphy, Founder

Queen & Associates
Lynn Ellen Queen, Founder & Principal

Alison Michalk, CEO

Re:Vision Architecture
Jennifer Rezeli, Co-Founder & Managing Principal

Anne Chambers, CEO

Rising Tide Capital
Alfa Demmellash, Co-Founder & CEO

Rivanna Natural Designs, Inc.
Crystal Mario, CEO & Founder

RoundPeg Benefit LLC
Polina Pinchevsky, CEO & Founder

Sair da Casca
Nathalie Ballan, CEO

Cherie Hoeger, Co-founder

Savannah Consulting
Rhonda Morton, Owner

Scream Agency
Lora Ledermann, CEO & Founder

Carrie Freeman, Managing Partner

Seed Systems
Sara Schley, CEO & Co-Founder

Shifting Patterns Consulting
Kimberley Jutze, Founder & Chief Change Architect

Sistema B
Maria Emilia Correa, Co-founder

SOKO, Inc.
Joane Calabrese, CEO

Sokol Blosser Winery
Alison Sokol Blosser, CEO & Co-President

Southern Energy Management
Maria Kingery, Founder

Southwest Creations Collaborative
Susan Matteucci, Executive Director

Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey Co-Founder &CEO

Manon Becher, Founder/ director

Kat Nouri, CEO

Success Rehabilitation, Inc
Joanne Tangney, President/CEO

Desiree Bombenon, CEO

Sustainable Pacific
Jennifer Chirico, CEO & Founder

Nancy Cleveland, Co-Founder & CEO

SVT Group
Sara Olsen, Founder & CEO

Sweet Livity
Diana Marie Lee, Founding CEO & Alchemist

Synergy Enterprises
Jill Doucette, CEO

Teak Media + Communication
Jackie Herskovitz Russell, President & Founder

The Alinker Inventions
BE Alink, SheEO

The Good Pencil Company
Cindy Jahnsen, Co-Owner & Managing Partner

The Manipedi - Nail Spa
Catarina Soares, CEO & Founder

The Renewal Workshop
Nicole Bassett, CEO

The Talent Connective
Emily Haydon, Founder

Thinkshift Communications
Carolyn McMaster, CEO

Thread Talk
Hannah Kay Herdlinger, Founder

Thrive-Community Inc.
Shainoor Khoja, Founder & CEO

Transcend The Fearless Company
Laura Huckabee-Jennings, CEO

Trebuchet Group
Diana Hutchinson, Owner, COO and Success Enabler

Unity Digital Agency
Alisa Herr, Founder & CEO

Varsity Technologies
Heather Ramsey, Director of People & Operations

Veritable Vegetable
Mary Jane Evans, CEO

Michal Alter, Founder & CEO

Vista Caballo
Lisa Arie, Co-Founder & CEO

Vista Global Coaching & Consulting
Mary Stelletello, Founder & Principal

Vital Plan
Braden Rawls, CEO

Kikka Hanazawa, CEO

W.S. Badger Company
Rebecca Hamilton, Co-CEO
Emily Schwerin-Whyte, Co-CEO

Wallaroo Hat Company
Stephanie Carter, Founder & CEO

WATT + FLUX An LED Inspire Company
KA Stacie Alexiou, CEO

Wetherby Asset Management
Deb Wetherby, Founder & CEO

WhyWhisper Collective
Alexandra Ostrow, Founder

Wicked Ideas Media
Lisa Hrabluk, Founder

Women in Management
Priscilla Zamora, Co-founder & CEO

World For Good
Jennifer Moreau-Chick, Founder & CEO

Mia Levesque, Co-Founder & Co-President

Yulu PR
Melissa Orozco, CEO & Founder

Colleen Kavanagh, Founder

Zen of Slow Cooking
Meg Barnhart, Founder/Co-Creator

*This community of “women” is comprised of and welcomes a broad spectrum of gender identities, including cis-gender, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming leaders in business.