We The Change

Women Leading Business for Good

We are empowered women* creating a radically inclusive and richly regenerative global economy.

As women leaders of certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven enterprises, we believe in business as a force for good to generate abundance and prosperity for all. We are building a world where business is in harmony with nature and all life thrives.

We commit to economic, racial, environmental, and social justice and a world where women are equally represented in positions of power and influence. We welcome all allies.

We honor and protect the Earth for future generations.


  • Advance women’s leadership, prosperity and well-being
  • Promote sustainable business practices and innovations
  • Increase the flow of capital to women-led enterprises
  • Advocate for systemic changes to uplift marginalized identities
  • Align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals



Join Us

Women leaders of certified B Corporations are invited to sign on as a Founding Signatory before the 2019 Champions Retreat on September 16 - 18.

We invite anyone who supports our mission to join our movement by signing as an ally.

Founding Signatories

4D Content English
Mercedes Viola, CEO

5T Sports Group
Aileen McManamon, Founder & Managing Partner

A to Z Wineworks
Amy Prosenjak, President & CEO

African Bronze Honey Company
Liz Connell, President & Co-Founder

Agents of Change Partners Inc.
Tracey Wood, Co-Founder & CEO

Alante Capital
Leslie Harwell, Managing Partner

All Good
Caroline Duell, Founder & CEO

Apiary Studio
Emily KenCairn, Owner, Founder

At The Epicenter
Seleyn DeYarus, Founder

Rebecca Darr, Founder

Magali Mathieu, Co-Founder & Chief Partnership Builder

Nancy Green, President & CEO

Anna Hutson, Founder & CEO

B Lab
Kim Coupounaas, Global Ambassador
Anthea Kelsick, Chief Marketing Officer
Stephanie Ryan, Strategy

B Storytelling
Julie Fahnestock, Founder & Creative Director

Barba Digital
Mary Barba, Founder & CEO

Bark Media
Jessica Kellner, Co-Founder

Stephanie Reuss, Co-Founder

Beneficial State Bank
Kat Taylor, CEO

Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School
Myani Lawson, Executive Director

Bhakti, Inc
Sarah Bird, CEO

Biomimicry 3.8
Nicole Miller, CEO

Black Fox Philanthropy
Natalie Rekstad, Founder & CEO

Blazin Babes
Renata Merini, Founder & CEO

Julie Mak, President & CEO

Blue Ocean Office Supplies
Stephanie Birt, CEO & Owner

Bodhi Surf + Yoga
Adrianne Chandra-Huff, Co-founder

Erin Childs, President

Brains on Fire, Inc.
Brandy Amidon, Co-President + CFO

Broughton Consulting, LLC
Anne-Claire Broughton, Principal

Care About You, LLC
Angela McKnight, CEO

CauseLabs, PBC
Sheryle Gillihan, CEO

Cascade Engineering
Christina Keller, President & CEO

Change Catalyst
Melinda Epler, Founder & CEO

Chloe Capital
Elisa Miller-Out, Managing Partner

Clear Blue Commercial, Inc.
Carolyn Pistone, President & Managing Director

Cleaver Co
Mary Cleaver, Founder & CEO

Colibri Digital Marketing
Anna Colibri, CEO

Conscious Company Media
Meghan French Dunbar, Co-founder & CEO

Connective Impact
Joanne Sonenshine, Founder & CEO

Cropsticks by Cropmade
Mylen Yamamoto, CEO

Cultivating Capital
Carolina Miranda, Founder & CEO

Dan the Man Cooking
Ilana Cooper, Managing Director

Lorna Davis, Senior Advisor

Mandy Cabot, Board Chair & Founder
Kitty Bolinger, Executive Vice President, Sales

de la Olla
Andrea Jatar, Founder & Executive Director

Dhana Inc.
Shamini Dhana Founder & CEO

do good well consulting
Kristin Joys, Founder & CEO

Do Nation
Hermione Taylor, Co-Founder

Laura Giadorou Koch, CEO

Dress It Up Dressing
Sophia Maroon, Founder

Dunlap Law PLC
Tricia Dunlap, Founding Partner

Eat Well Global
Erin Kappelhof, Managing Partner

Graziella Jackson, Partner & CEO

Eco-Bags Products Inc.
Sharon Rowe, CEO & Founder

Liz Rubin, CEO & Founder

Eileen Fisher, Founder & CEO

Ellevate Network
Kristy Wallace, CEO

Environmental & Public Health Consulting
Ann Blake Founder & Principle

Lynn Carpenter, Partner & Co-Founder

Ethical Profit Agency
Samantha Richardson, Founder & CEO

Evolution Marketing, LLC
Lisa Geason-Bauer, President

Sarah White, COO & Co-Founder

Full Circle Brands
Heather Kauffman, Co-Founder & CIO

Future State
Shannon Adkins, CEO

Victoria Foster, Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst

Gaia Herbs
Angela McElwee, President & CEO

Geek Girl Tech
Jenn Diesi, CEO & Founder

Gender Fair
Kristi Faulkner, CMO & Co-founder

Amy Kauffman, Founder & CEO

Giving Assistant
Katie Horgan, CoFounder, VP Operations
Raquel Romero, People & Business Operations Manager
Leah Tichansky, Account Manager

Tracy Puhl, President

Global Gaming Initiative +Jukko
Elizabeth Sarquis, CEO

Lisa Hyman, Co-Founder

Grady Britton
Paige Campbell, President & Partner

Green City Growers, LLC
Jessie Banhazl, CEO & Founder

Green Mountain Power Corporation
Mary Powell, President & CEO
Kristin Carlson, VP - Strategic & External Affairs

Green Retirement, Inc.
Rose Penelope Yee, CEO

Greenprint Partners
Nicole Chavas, CEO & Co-Founder

Guild Education
Brittany Stich, Co-Founder

Heather Paulsen Consulting
Heather Paulsen, Founder & CEO

Michelle Hirons, Founder & CEO

Ennie Lim, CEO

Indra Gardiner Bowers, CEO & Co-Founder

Imajine That
Susan Leger Ferraro, CEO

Impact Hub Amsterdam
Tatiana Glad, Co-founder & Director

Impact Hub Oakland and Jubilee Partners
Konda Mason, Co-Founder & Founding CEO

Kirsten Ludwig, Founder

Inspired Adventures
Justine Curtis, Founder-CEO

Inspiring Capital
Nell Derick Debevoise, CEO, Founder

Jenny Kassan Consulting
Jenny Kassan, Owner

Juli-Anne's Tropical Kitchen
Juli-Anne Royes Russo, Founder

King Arthur Flour
Suzanne McDowell, Co-CEO/CHRO
Karen Colberg, Co-CEO/Chief Brand Officer

Miriam Altman, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Kosmenko & Co.
Kimberly Kosmenko, Founder & Managing Director

Céline Juppeau, Founder & CEO

Law Office of Lara Pearson Ltd, PBC d/b/a/ Brand Geek
Lara Pearson, President & Chief Pontificator

Legacy Vacation Resorts, Salt Palm Development
Kristi Meyers, Co-Owner

Emily Lonigro, CEO & Founder

Living Alive
Elle Adams, Co-founder

Local First
Elissa Sangalli Hillary, President

Lotus Foods
Caryl Levine, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Love Bottle
Minna Yoo, CEO

Suzanne Siemens, CEO

Mangrove Web Development
Maiya Holliday, CEO

Meaningful Organizational Design, Inc.
Elizabeth Topp, Co-Founder & CEO

Caitlin Kealey, CEO

Melanin Essentials
Olayinka Credle, Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Saba Williams, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Meliora Cleaning Products
Kate Jakubas, Founder

Metis Consulting Group
Aimee Koval, President

Morgan Berman, CEO

Mission Partners
Carrie Fox, Founder & CEO

Leslie Silverglide, Co-Founder & CEO

Morris Recruiting & Consulting
Etienne Morris, President

Myrtle & Flossie
Nia Reid-Allen, Owner & Creator

Narrative Food
Jennifer Piette, CEO & Founder

María José Calvimontes, Co-Founder & Director of Communications

NEEV, Inc.
Ruksana Azhu Valappil, CEO & Founder

Nia Impact Capital
Kristin Hull, Founder & CEO

Northwest Permanente, P.C.
Imelda Dacones, CEO and President

One More Thing LLC
Lizy Freudmann, Founder & Managing Principal

One Village Coffee
Andrea Hackman, Co-Founder & President

OneSeventeen Media, PBC
Amy Looper, COO & Co-Founder
Beth Carls, CEO & Co-Founder

Open Eye Creative
Rachel Healy, Co-founder

Opportunity Threads
Molly Hemstreet, Founder & Co-Executive Director

Opticos Design, Inc.
Karen Parolek, Co-Founder & Principal

Ox Verte
Jessie Gould, Founder

Rose Marcario, CEO & President
Hilary Dessouky, General Counsel

Shivani Singh, Founding & Managing Partner
Jessica van Thiel, Founding & Managing Partner

Pet Sustainability Coalition
Caitlyn Dudas, Executive Director

Phil Communications
Kim Fuller, Founder & President

Plaine Products
Lindsey McCoy, CEO & Co-Founder

Portafolio Verde
Juliana Arango, Deputy CEO

Prosper for Purpose
Lorraine Schuchart, Founder & CEO

Purse for the People
Carole Murphy, Founder

Queen & Associates
Lynn Ellen Queen, Founder & Principal

Alison Michalk, CEO

Re:Vision Architecture
Jennifer Rezeli, Co-Founder & Managing Principal

Anne Chambers, CEO

Rising Tide Capital
Alfa Demmellash, Co-Founder & CEO

Rivanna Natural Designs, Inc.
Crystal Mario, CEO & Founder

RoundPeg Benefit LLC
Polina Pinchevsky, CEO & Founder

Sair da Casca
Nathalie Ballan, CEO

Cherie Hoeger, Co-founder

Savannah Consulting
Rhonda Morton, Owner

Scream Agency
Lora Ledermann, CEO & Founder

Carrie Freeman, Managing Partner

Seed Systems
Sara Schley, CEO & Co-Founder

Shifting Patterns Consulting
Kimberley Jutze, Founder & Chief Change Architect

Sistema B
Maria Emilia Correa, Co-founder

SOKO, Inc.
Joane Calabrese, CEO

Sokol Blosser Winery
Alison Sokol Blosser, CEO & Co-President

Southern Energy Management
Maria Kingery, Founder

Southwest Creations Collaborative
Susan Matteucci, Executive Director

Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey Co-Founder &CEO

Manon Becher, Founder/ director

Kat Nouri, CEO

Success Rehabilitation, Inc
Joanne Tangney, President/CEO

Desiree Bombenon, CEO

Sustainable Pacific
Jennifer Chirico, CEO & Founder

Nancy Cleveland, Co-Founder & CEO

SVT Group
Sara Olsen, Founder & CEO

Sweet Livity
Diana Marie Lee, Founding CEO & Alchemist

Synergy Enterprises
Jill Doucette, CEO

Teak Media + Communication
Jackie Herskovitz Russell, President & Founder

The Alinker Inventions
BE Alink, SheEO

The Good Pencil Company
Cindy Jahnsen, Co-Owner & Managing Partner

The Manipedi - Nail Spa
Catarina Soares, CEO & Founder

The Renewal Workshop
Nicole Bassett, CEO

The Talent Connective
Emily Haydon, Founder

Thinkshift Communications
Carolyn McMaster, CEO

Thread Talk
Hannah Kay Herdlinger, Founder

Thrive-Community Inc.
Shainoor Khoja, Founder & CEO

Transcend The Fearless Company
Laura Huckabee-Jennings, CEO

Trebuchet Group
Diana Hutchinson, Owner, COO and Success Enabler

Unity Digital Agency
Alisa Herr, Founder & CEO

Varsity Technologies
Heather Ramsey, Director of People & Operations

Veritable Vegetable
Mary Jane Evans, CEO

Michal Alter, Founder & CEO

Vista Caballo
Lisa Arie, Co-Founder & CEO

Vista Global Coaching & Consulting
Mary Stelletello, Founder & Principal

Vital Plan
Braden Rawls, CEO

Kikka Hanazawa, CEO

W.S. Badger Company
Rebecca Hamilton, Co-CEO
Emily Schwerin-Whyte, Co-CEO

Wallaroo Hat Company
Stephanie Carter, Founder & CEO

WATT + FLUX An LED Inspire Company
KA Stacie Alexiou, CEO

Wetherby Asset Management
Deb Wetherby, Founder & CEO

WhyWhisper Collective
Alexandra Ostrow, Founder

Wicked Ideas Media
Lisa Hrabluk, Founder

Women in Management
Priscilla Zamora, Co-founder & CEO

World For Good
Jennifer Moreau-Chick, Founder & CEO

Mia Levesque, Co-Founder & Co-President

Yulu PR
Melissa Orozco, CEO & Founder

Colleen Kavanagh, Founder

Zen of Slow Cooking
Meg Barnhart, Founder/Co-Creator

*This community of “women” is comprised of and welcomes a broad spectrum of gender identities, including cis-gender, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming leaders in business.